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How does Earn Free Points Redeem Rewards at work?

Join for free rewards!

It's easy to earn free points to redeem for rewards! Simply complete our surveys or offers when logged into your account and, with just a bit of effort in your spare time, you can have whatever you want! When redeeming your points you can request a gift card certificate good for any online retailer, or any website where gift cards can be bought by us and then emailed to you...the choice is yours!

When you learn about our new products, answer fun quizzes, share a bit about yourself, or sign up for any online services, you earn points. While MOST OFFERS ARE FREE, you will also find shopping rebates and paid/trial offers, which are a great way to get a deal on your online purchases from our advertisers!

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Just 3 steps to success!

1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and we'll even give you 1000 FREE BONUS POINTS when you join now!

2. Earn points: To be able to offer our users FREE gift card rewards to use at online stores, such as Gamestop, you need to earn points. Earning these are EASY, and you just need to complete a few surveys or offers to get enough points to redeem for your reward. You can also get 125 points for each member you refer who completes at least 1 survey/offer too! Simply use your personal referral link given to you at sign up when referring your friends!

3. Get your Free voucher: Once you have earned 5000 points on you can redeem them for REAL rewards, in the form of online store gift card certificates, which can be used at any time! For example, 5000 points is worth $20 USD in voucher value ($15 for the iTunes item which is physically shipped and can include iPhone games), so when redeeming just let us know that you would like a $20 gift card, and from where (see our rewards list for examples), and what email you would like it sent to and you will receive it within 45 days to use whenever you like! You can request a certificate from any online retailer who offers emailed (e-gift) cards, as long as we can buy it from them on your behalf.

What are points worth?

500 points = $2.00/£1.30
5000 points = $20.00/£13.00
10000 points = $40.00/£26.00

You need 5000 points before you can redeem for a free gift card voucher. (your 1000 point bonus just for signing up gives you a 20% headstart!)

PLUS! Play in our Bonus Lotto or in the Games Room for a chance to WIN even MORE Free Points!!

Redeem Your Points For Free Stuff Fast!

Here is an example of how quick and easily you could be redeeming for whatever you want online:

If you did just 12 surveys in a week (less than 3 a day) plus 10 simple 1 minute signup tasks, you would average about 3000 points. So, your 1000 points for signing up, plus 3000 would be 4000. Then, if you get just 8 people to sign up who also do just ONE of the surveys, that would give you 1000 MORE points, for a total of 5000 the easy way!

That gives you a free gift certificate in just a week! Imagine how many freebies you would get over a longer period of time! It all adds up quickly!!

*** Please visit our Help Page for a more detailed explanation of how it works!

Gift Card Reward Ideas

(or anything else that can be purchased online and sent to your email address!)

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Earn free points for rewards at freebiepoints!